While winter is a magical time of year in many ways, the reality is that cold temperatures can impact our well-being. So when you get out your hot cocoa, think about how to embrace the cold season. The goal is to stay healthy in the winter and enjoy the magic it brings with it.

Before we dive into how to stay healthy this winter, let’s talk about why you should stay healthy first.

The thought of it might be icky but it’s true — there are trillions of microorganisms, including different types of bacteria, that live alongside us in our gut. They’re known in sum as the gut microbiome. Playing a key role in our well-being, the health of the gut microbiome is essential to staying healthy in the harsh winter months.

This community of microorganisms, which resides naturally within your body’s gastrointestinal tract, plays an important role in maintaining your overall well-being. From digestion and immunity to hormonal balance, mental health, intimate healthcare — you name it. 

The balance, however, can be compromised during the winter months if your little friends have been busy fighting off winter bugs, antibiotic therapy, stress, or comfort eating. So you have to help your little buddies!

Our experts have shared some of their favorite tips to help you and your family stay healthy this winter. Ready? Then grab your sled and meet me on top of the hill. Go.


1. Your Perfect Winter Elixir: Tea


Tea is one of the most versatile beverages in the world and offers endless opportunities. You’ll definitely find something you love. With a large variety of punchy flavors and the option to drink the tea cold, warm, and on the go, a cup of tea here and there is an easy choice.

Want something cozy and warm to drink by the fire? Try cinnamon green tea. Looking for something with a kick that’ll get you going in the morning? Try ginger lemon tea. There’s literally a tea for every occasion.

But what’s more important than the diversity of tea, is what it can do for your health. From antioxidants to polyphenols, herbs used for aromatic teas can support your well-being — especially if you turn your tea drinking into a steadfast daily habit. 

In “Blue Zones,” a New York Times Bestseller about longevity, Dan Buettner noted that people living in regions of the world with lots of people past the 100-year mark, actually jugged down a ton of tea every single day — growing the herbs for their tea in their own little gardens.

So, if you want to stay healthy in the winter, tea is an elixir you should get used to quickly.


2. The Curse of Central Heating 


I know it’s tempting but you want to avoid the unnecessary use of central heating at home and air heaters in cars, which only upset the balance of the nasal microbiome. In fact, they make it more susceptible to viruses and harmful bacteria. 

Besides a reduction in air quality, it also creates an inviting environment for dust, with particles being stirred up and circulated in the air — which is something your sinuses and respiratory system do not appreciate.

If you can’t avoid central heating in the workspace, ensure you get out at lunchtime for a walk to give your nasal passages a refreshing break. Fresh air will be a nice change to the low-quality air you’re exposed to in your home or car. 


3. The Everyday Berry Explosion


Fruit consumption generally drops in the winter months, when really we should be increasing it. Antioxidants and vitamin C from berries help to ward off colds and the flu. Why we don’t keep berries stocked pile-high in our fridges remains a mystery to be solved because obviously, they help you stay healthy in the winter.

Eat a handful of berries every day when the cold season comes creeping your way, while also keeping some natural high-strength berry syrup in the fridge. This will help to coat a sore throat while also providing high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants.

You can also add berries to your morning oats or as a topping to your yogurt. And if you live life on the wild side, my friend, berries can make a nice addition to all kinds of salads, adding some sweetness to the comprehensive array of flavors.


4. Fermented Foods for the Win


Many people aren’t aware that 70 - 80% of our immune cells are located in our gut¹ and that our gut bacteria play an essential role in supporting a strong immune system. 

This can be compromised during the winter months if your gut bacteria are busy fighting off bugs — which are oh-so-common this time of year. Fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, and sauerkraut could help to balance the gut flora to support your gut and immune system.

How so? 

Fermented foods contain strains of gut-healthy bacteria that help you fight the good fight. Another advantage is that fermentation helps the absorption of nutrients,² which is even more important when the weather is cold out as you’re relying on the nutrients in your body to do their job.


5. Cuddling is a Must


Transferring body heat keeps you warmer. After all, penguins huddle together to survive arctic temperatures and winds — and it’s not just for fun. A cuddle always helps you feel a bit better when you’re not quite yourself. But remember to stick to cuddling within your social bubble.

While it may sound flaky, it’s scientific fact that physical contact with someone you care about can make you feel better — more relaxed, less stressed, and at peace.³ Why? 

See, cuddling makes your body release Oxytocin, a hormone with a calming effect, and sends your Cortisol levels (which is your stress hormone) flying south.³

To stay healthy this winter, and year-round really, bring out the blankets and find a cozy spot on the couch for you and your spouse.


6. The Power of Positive Thinking


Sometimes we’re so caught up in living life, hustling about from A to B that we don’t take the time to think. We may feel unhappy, rushed, and overwhelmed but in all the bad, there's also always some good — it’s all about perspective.

Winter blues are all too common. It’s cold outside, conditions are harsh, and you’re scraping the ice off your car every morning, feeling the numbness from your fingers strike you in your core.

But with everything going on in your life, try maintaining a general feeling of wellness and contentment. Start your mornings by thinking of one thing you are grateful for and let all other thoughts just float on by. 

You’re blessed in so many ways, we all are. What are the little things in the big scheme of things, anyway?

In fact, research shows that your personality can strongly affect your outlook on life and impact your general well-being.? You got this! When you roll out of bed in the morning, throw the possibility of the worst-case scenario straight out the window (buh-bye), and start approaching things with positivity.

You’ll see, it’ll bring you much more happiness!


7. Hand Hygiene At All Times


When we think of winter, we think of the first snow crunching under our feet as we take the first steps on this beautiful white blanket. We think of cuddly evenings in front of the fireplace, hot cocoa with marshmallows, and ski adventures with the family.

…umm, I hate to be the one to tell you. But truth be told, while all of the above is true (and exceptional experiences), there’s much more to winter. Here’s the cliff note version: germs, bugs, and viruses all go in hyper-mode.

Yep, that bubble burst quickly. But don’t worry — we’ll get you back in there, just more prepared this time around. 

With people trying to escape the icy temperatures and staying inside more now, viruses spread more easily. 

That’s why you want to make sure to wash your hands with water and soap frequently. And while you’re at it, sanitize door knobs and surfaces as well. 

Never know where all those germs linger, so be prepared to do everything to stay healthy this winter because, after all, you want to enjoy every bit of this season’s magic.


8. Yoga Pants On — Even If It’s Cold


While it might be snowing, part of staying healthy this winter entails keeping up your physical fitness needs. Exercise has so many profound benefits for your well-being that you should feel empowered to stick with your exercise plan, no matter the weather.

It might be tricky to convince yourself to go for a jog in freezing temperatures, I get it. But it’s okay to seek indoor options instead — but whatever you prefer, stick with regular and daily exercise. 

Whether you prefer getting out your yoga pants, hitting the treadmill at your local gym, or swimming lapses in an Olympic-sized pool, don’t give up on physical activity just because it’s cold out.

After all, regular exercise, which includes the winter months, helps you feel energized and supports a better mood.? Another advantage is that it assists you in getting a good night’s sleep and can even deepen your sleep? — making you feel better-rested and more revived the next morning.

So, what are you waiting for? On your mark, get set — go.


9. Despite the Cold, Spend Time Outdoors


I know it’s chilly out there, but believe me, the fresh air will do you good. It’s much better air quality than the indoors and it gives you a chance to get in your much-needed daily load of vitamin D. Want to stay healthy this winter? Then this is the way to go.

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, holds many key functions in your body. One of its main jobs is to facilitate the absorption of calcium, which is a crucial building block of your bones.?

While you can obtain some vitamin D from foods such as salmon and egg yolk, your main source is the sun.? With limited time outdoors, it’ll be harder to meet your daily needs. So, be intentional. Set time aside for a walk, take in the fresh air, and feel the warmth of the sun on your face.

Yes, it’s that simple. You got this!


10. Try Supplements for Your Nutritional Needs


Sometimes, despite our best attempts to stay healthy in the winter months, we fall short of our goals. But don’t worry — there are many supplements available to you that can support your well-being and prepare you for the side effects of winter. 

While you know you should ramp up your fruit consumption this time of year, sometimes we want to add a little extra boost. Vitamin C should be your go-to vitamin right now. It’s known for supporting your immune system and with all the colds and viruses lurking behind every corner, you better be prepared.

And then there’s the sunshine vitamin. If you’re unable to maintain healthy vitamin D levels, try a supplement that can help make up for the lack of sun exposure this cloudy time of year. 

Harsh winter weather also just loves to irritate your skin, depriving it of moisture, and drying it out. Vitamin E makes for a nice supplement that can help your skin retain its moisture and feel soft and healthy.

But what else can you do? Remember your gut microbiome, which contains some good and some bad bacteria? You want to help build an environment filled with good strains of bacteria that can support your immune system.

So, if you want to stay healthy in the winter, add a probiotic supplement daily and you’ll support the defense mechanisms of your gut microbiome.

Here’s a summary of some of the most important supplements to keep you happy and healthy this winter:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Probiotics




It’s time to enjoy this season’s magic — we’re officially letting you loose to have fun and encourage you to embrace the many adventures winter has to offer you. 

If you haven’t gotten your sled out yet, now would be a good time. 

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