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Our Science

With a unique combination of live bacteria with the benefits of vitamins and minerals, our products are designed to give your gut just what it needs. But that’s not all. Individually fermented before being freeze-dried, our strains and their unique packaging keep the bacteria active, even at room temperature. With no refrigeration required, this gives you the freedom to feel gut great anywhere, whether you’re on the commute or a cruise.

Why use a food supplement that contains nutrients and live bacteria?

Support the digestive and immune systems. Support the balance of natural bacteria in your gut. Provide extra nutrition and nutrient absorption. Reduces tiredness and fatigue.
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Gut-friendly live bacteria have to survive in the acidic environment of the stomach if they are to reach the gut alive.

Lab results suggest that our 14 bacteria strains can survive the stomach acidity to reach the gut alive.

All our products are tested for total viable count and the bacteria count confirmed at the end of the two year shelf life , when kept at room temparature ( up to 25 c ). The capsules can all be opened and the contents added to food and liquid.
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The bacteria

You know they do good, but how do they get their names. Well, each has three parts…

1. The genera(e.g. Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium)

2. The species(e.g. casei or subtilis)

3. The specific strain(e.g. LGG or PXN 37)

Try comparing the three parts of the bacteria name to how a Company is organised

1. The genus is the Company, trying to achieve an overall common goal of manufacturing goods or providing a service in order to generate revenue for its shareholders.

2. The species is a department within the Company, whose team members work on a specific function (such as marketing, finance or sales)

3. The strain, that’s the individual employee, who has their own specific job title and responsibilities

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Our commitment to quality

Whilst taking a Bio-Kult capsule and feeling gut great couldn’t be easier, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to ensure our range is always of the highest quality possible.

This starts with our research, but it’s not just our scientists, medical experts and nutritional therapists that help make that happen. From our in-house microbiology team carrying out the analysis of our raw material to our manufacturing team ensuring the safety of our finished products, these people make sure Bio-Kult meets or exceeds every required quality standard.

Whilst strains from the same species or genus may have similar characteristics, they may not necessarily do the same thing behind the scenes and therefore have unique identities.

The PXN strain numbers are numbers and letters at the end that are allocated to each of our Bio-Kult strains. These are listed in published scientific research conducted using our products, ensuring all our bacterial strains are fully identified and safe to use. The species are all included on the European Qualified Presumption of Safety (QPS) List and the strains are all lodged at the National Collection for Industrial, Marine and Food Bacteria (NCIMB) (a national culture collection bank) based in Aberdeen, UK.

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