Shrimp Chipotle Tostadas

It's tough creating exciting yet nutritious recipes which is why we teamed up with The Dizzy Cook to bring you simple recipes that are  extra delicious! These mouth-watering Shrimp Chipotle Tostadas will most certainly impress your friends and family which you can make-ahead as an appetizer or dinner.

The crisp corn tortilla was piled high with shrimp, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, and coleslaw for an extra crunch. Just add a little of the smoky crema sauce on top and they are ready to enjoy!

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1. Sour cream is fermented so cottage cheese makes a more head-friendly alternative (and tastes similar if blended). However, sour cream can be used if not a personal trigger, or mayonnaise can be subbed as a “spicy mayo” sauce for those who are also dairy-free. 

2. Use corn tortillas to make this gluten free. 

3. If you’re not a fan of spice, cut the amount of chipotle chili powder and sriracha in half. Taste and adjust to your heat preferences. 

4. To remove shrimp tails, simply squeeze the tail between your fingers till it slides off. You don’t have to remove them before cooking, but it does making eating easier! 

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