Are you suffering from burnout?

Burnout is on the rise. Today, more than ever before, people are burning out left, right and center. The good news is you can recover from burnout. There are many practical steps you can take to get back on your feet, but it will take time: no amount of pushing will heal burnout.

Here are my top lifestyle hints and tips to support your adrenal glands between now and the end of the year. 

Slow down. Your life will always feel 100 mph if you don’t pull on the reigns and slow down. No amount of pushing will heal burnout. Rest and patience are the bottom line.

Increase your calories. Most people I see are not eating enough and they are over exercising. Ladies you need to be ingesting 2000 calories per day. Please remember that food in is energy in!

SLEEP! Probably the most important thing. You need to be getting at least 8 hours a night to function properly. One study showed that if you miss out on one hour of sleep you will have raised cortisol levels the next day!1

Identify your energy sappers. What is robbing your energy? Is it your work demands, a relationship you have with someone, financial stress? The key here is to find out know what your stressors are so you can reduce the exposure to them or respond to them differently.


Take time out. This means having a breather where you can, even just for 5 mins or taking a full hour full lunch and stepping outside - or even better - plan a trip away to escape the never-ending demands!

Don’t over exercise. Be mindful of the type of exercise you do and the frequency of it. Too much aggressive exercise can mount a stress response and tell your body that you are under attack. The worst thing you can do if you’ve been feeling exhausted and burnt out for a while is over exercise. 

Talk about it. A problem shared is a problem halved. This is often overlooked. Just talking to someone about your worries massively reduces the intensity. It’s so powerful. Who can you turn to for help and a chat?

Cut out caffeine. Studies show that caffeine can lead to increased anxiety and panic attacks.2

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