Winter Wellbeing

There are trillions of microorganisms including different types of bacteria that live alongside us in our gut, known as our gut microbiome. This community of microorganisms which reside naturally within your body’s gastrointestinal tract play a really important role in maintaining overall wellbeing – from digestion and immunity to hormonal balance, mental health, intimate healthcare and much more. The balance can be compromised during the winter months if they have been busy fighting off any winter bugs, antibiotic therapy, stress or comfort eating.

Our experts have shared some of their favorite top tips to help keep you and your family feeling your best this winter.

Switch off the heating

Avoid unnecessary use of central heating and air heaters in cars which upset the balance of the nasal microbiome and make it more susceptible to harbouring viruses and harmful bacteria. If you can’t avoid central heating in the work space, ensure you get out at lunchtime for a walk to give your nasal passages a refreshing break.

Berries, berries, berries

Fruit consumption generally drops in winter, when really we should be increasing it. Antioxidants and vitamin C from berries help to ward off colds and flu. Eat a handful of berries every day through the winter months, while also keeping some natural high-strength berry syrup in the fridge. This will help to coat a sore throat while also providing high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Fermented foods

Many people aren’t aware that up to 70% of our immune cells are located in the gut and that our gut bacteria plays an essential role in supporting a strong immune system. This can be compromised during the winter months if it’s busy fighting off bugs. Fermented foods such as yoghurt, kefir and sauerkraut could help to balance the gut flora to support the gut and immune system.


Transferring body heat keeps you warmer. Penguins huddle together to survive arctic temperatures and winds. A cuddle always helps you feel a bit better when you’re not quite yourself. But remember to stick to cuddling within your social bubble.

Positive thoughts

Mindfully maintain a general feeling of wellness and contentment. Try starting the morning by thinking of one thing you are grateful for and let all other thoughts just float on by.


Naturally the winter is a time for hibernation so enjoy quiet nights in front of the fire and capture your best night sleep between 10pm and 6am.