Exercising not only supports a strong immune system and helps eliminate toxins from the body, it could also boost mood enhancing hormones.

It’s never too early to start an active lifestyle and there are no end of ways to workout with your little ones. Crank up the music and start your day with a boogie. Hit the park with a frisbee. Or dust off the bikes and get pedaling. 

Whether they love kicking a ball, making dens or pretending to be pirates, mucking about in the great outdoors is what childhood is all about.

Remember to keep your H2O levels topped up, especially if you’re out and about in the sun. Water’s essential to keep our brains in tip-top gear. If your kids aren’t keen on water, try adding natural good stuff like mint, limes or strawberries. Berries are packed with antioxidants like vitamins C and E, so it’s win-win.

Visit a farm

Soils contain a dynamic reservoir of biodiversity and exposure to soil microbes has been experimentally shown to increase the diversity of bacteria in the human gut,1 which is associated with numerous health benefits. Encouraging diversity in our soils and exposing ourselves to the natural environment is therefore likely to be beneficial. Therefore it could be said that spending some time visiting a farm could help support yours and your little one's microbiome and immune systems. Think of all those steps you'll pick up chasing your kids as they run excitedly from one animal to another!

Day at the Beach

Whether you're lucky to live beside the seaside or you're taking a staycation, summer holidays are all about adventure. Studies suggest the sea air is good for a sound sleep as it’s charged with healthy negative ions that accelerate the ability to absorb oxygen. 
What's more - spending a day in the sand dunes and salty air, building sandcastles, splashing in the waves and flying a kite are all great ways to get your little ones and you active.


Getting the kids to help out in the fresh air does wonders for their  immune system. Contact with soil at an early age exposes them to different bacteria and microbes. This interaction in the gut primes their immune system and makes them less susceptible to asthma and food intolerances later on.

So pull on your wellies and get planting. Kids love getting messy in the mud and creating their very own veg patch from seed. Crunchy carrots, rosy-red tomatoes and crispy salad leaves are great starters
for mini gardeners. You’ll be growing vitamins at your kitchen door and have a steady supply of delicious veg year round. Then you can have even more fun finding recipes for your home-grown goodies together.

Head to the park

Getting active doesn't always have to involve something sporty or heading somewhere that costs money. Why not head down to your local park with a football, cricket set or frisbee. If there's lots of you why not take along a bat and ball for a game of rounders.

If it's safe to do so - why not try cycling or taking the scooters to the park too.



Get Outside and Connect with Nature 

Nature-based interventions for mental health are becoming more common, with evidence showing that those with good access to natural environments are more likely to have better mental well-being. GPs in parts of Scotland for example are now issuing ‘nature prescriptions’ for activities such as rambling, bird-watching and beach walks. So whether it's flip flops or hat and scarf weather we think getting outside is a great way to keep you and your little ones active. You might even want to try a natures treasure hunt - little ones love collecting stones, conkers, leaves, daisy's and bugs - although be sure to make sure they're gentle and return our tiny friends to their homes!


If you're lucky enough to have a  garden - settling up a paddling pool, kicking a ball about or even something as simple as hide and seek are all great ways to encourage a bit of activity! We're sure you'll enjoy yourself just as much as the tiny humans in your life!