Date 21st January 2021

By Hayley1

Feeling blue or a little down recently? It’s no surprise with the UK in yet another lockdown. We were really intrigued to see what the BBC had to say in the most recent documentary in the series, – The Truth About... In this particular episode, subtitled, Improving Your Mental Health, the BBC covered a recent trial that looked at how gut health impacts our brain and mood.

The BBC introduced Professor Philip Burnet from the University of Oxford who has recently conducted a trial into just that. In this double blind trial (particpants are unaware whether they receive the placebo or the active product), Prof. Burnet recruited 70 people who were experiencing low mood.
Half were given placebo and the other half a well known live bacteria supplement. The results speak for themselves, participants who were given the placebo reported a 20% improvement in mood compared to the impressive 50% improvement in mood reported by those taking the live bacteria supplement.

More research is needed but the results of this study are certainly exciting. Watch the whole documentary on iPlayer and if you want to skip ahead, Prof. Burnet and his study are featured early into the programme, 12 minutes in.