Bio-Kult are delighted to announce that Lesley Markey has won the 2018 Bio-Kult Educational Grant and bagged herself £1000 to spend on her nutritional career goals. Her win also gains her college, the Northern College of Acupuncture £500 to spend. 

Having just completed her post graduate diploma from the college and continuing to study to achieve an MSc in Nutrition Research and Science, Lesley intends to use the grant to undergo additional training around disordered eating at The National Centre for Eating Disorders. This course would add depth to her existing qualification and will enable her to support women who have had lifelong weight struggles. Having spent many years herself, struggling with her weight Lesley advised that she had begun to get frustrated with all the information and mis-information out there.  She felt the only way forward for her was to embark on a course studying nutrition. She decided that it was important to study nutrition that was backed up by science and was evidence based.

Speaking of her win “I still can’t quite believe that I have been lucky enough to win and I am over the moon with the opportunities that this grant will afford,” said Lesley Markey, student at The Northern College of Acupuncture. “It will allow me to access training in a specialist area much quicker than I imagined possible. This will have an enormous impact not only on my own knowledge and practice but I will also be able to share this new knowledge with my clients – so we are all winners,” continued Markey.

Lesley’s goal as a Nutritional Therapist is to work both individually and in small groups, supporting women who struggle with their weight to achieve their goals without quick fixes and helping them enjoy a new healthier relationship with food and exercise. 



 Liz Cooper –nutritional advisor, Bio-Kult presents Lesley Markey, Educational Grant winner and Richard Blackwell, 

principal – Northern College of Acupuncture with their grants.


 “Every student is studying to make the world a healthier place and both students and practitioners are incredibly important to us. Each journey is individual but every Nutritional Therapist’s goal is the same to help people lead healthier, happy lives, an important goal that Bio-Kult wants to help achieve too. Bio-Kult is thrilled to be able to give Lesley a helping start with her career and is overjoyed that the additional grant to the college will in the long term help many more students with their studies. We wish both Lesley and the college all the best and look forward to hearing about their future success,” comments Hayley Milne, brand manager for Bio-Kult. 


We’re always looking for students who inspire passion and demonstrate innovative new ideas to inspire others with this passion. Lesley hit the mark this year and we’re hoping to inspire more people over the next few years. When speaking about future Bio-Kult Education Grants Lesley encourages students to enter, “I would say definitely send in an application. You have nothing to lose and you could be lucky enough to become the winner.” Students can be notified when the next Bio-Kult Educational Grant is open for applications by registering at



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