Get a Head Start with Bio-Kult Migréa




Take a natural approach to tackling head discomfort with the launch of Bio-Kult Migréa, the first scientifically developed, advanced multi-action formulation to target both the digestive tract and the head.


The Background 

Common, disabling, recurrent, neurovascular head discomfort affects 1 in 7 people globally1, with the majority of sufferers experiencing at least one attack a month, often causing severe impairment and compromising their quality of life, both personally and professionally. 

Despite this high prevalence, more than 50% of sufferers are not satisfied with their current treatment, choosing to self-medicate using non-prescription drugs2, thus increasing the risk of medication-overuse side-effects3.

Bio-Kult Migréa

Backed by a new published clinical trial4, this latest addition to the renowned Bio-Kult range offers real hope to sufferers looking for a long term and natural solution. Containing 14 strains of live bacteria to support gut health and overall wellbeing, Bio-Kult Migréa also includes magnesium and vitamin B6, both of which contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.5


The Research

Research suggests that the inclusion of magnesium may also help increase resilience to stress6 which is often a trigger for attacks.

The addition of vitamin B6 contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system,5 and to the regulation of hormonal activity5 with research suggesting an association between a higher B6 intake and protection against inflammation7.

Previous evidence has demonstrated that gut bacteria play a key role in the gut-brain axis and disturbances or imbalances of the delicate gut flora may be associated with neurological discomfort8.

The association between neurovascular and gastro intestinal issues could be linked to increased intestinal permeability, which allows leakage of undigested food particles and endotoxins into the bloodstream, triggering inflammation9 and possible attacks.

Beneficial strains of gut bacteria play a crucial role in supporting the health of the gut lining, maintaining and improving gut barrier function, thereby modulating immune responses and reducing inflammation10, which research suggests may be of benefit. 


Bio-Kult Migréa retails at £19.95 for 60 capsules and is available from our online shop.



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