Health Trends Report 2018

Being Healthy isn’t a new ‘thing’ – there’s a reason why gyms are jam packed come January. But aside from the obvious New Year - New You trend there’s plenty more going on in the world of healthy living. With more and more people understanding the importance of  having a healthy gut many are looking to trends that support a healthy gut microbiome. 
As the industry leaders in gut health our team of Medical Experts and Nutritional Therapists take a look at what 2018 holds for the world of healthy living. To read more just click here.

Passport to Good Gut Health 2018

Good health starts in the gut which is filled with trillions of bacteria. Most people aren’t aware that up to 70% of our immune cells are located in the gut, and the balance of good to bad bacteria can significantly affect your overall health, wellbeing and vitality. 

For many of us, summer is our favourite time of year with longer  sunnier days we are full of energy and positivity. This year don’t let your health get the better of you. Whether you suffer with hay  fever, heat rash, excess sweating, dry skin, an upset stomach whilst travelling or an increase in bouts of cystitis or thrush; or perhaps you find keeping the kids entertained over the summer holidays
stressful, why not consider giving yourself a helping hand this year? Try taking a live bacteria supplement to help balance the gut flora to help support your digestive and immune systems and Check In to this summer with our passport to good gut health. Find out more here.

We are dedicated to producing innovative, research based, live bacteria (probiotics) products of the highest quality. We work closely with leading universities and research centres around the world on a range of ongoing research programs. Read more about our recent research and technical articles here.

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