Trials and Results

Probiotics International Ltd are research driven with a commitment to excellence, working with leading research centers and universities in the UK and around the world.

This research allows us to further understand how our products can help improve health and contribute to new and innovative products for the future, enabling us to bring to the market the most effective supplements to support pharmacists, health care practitioners, doctors and other health care professionals.

Our Probiotic Research

All of our Probiotic Research is contained within our research book. Click here to view the interactive book.

Bio-Kult Practitioner Booklet

A professionals introductory guide to the science behind the Bio-Kult range.

Acid Stability of live bacteria Microorganisms

Lactase activity of live bacteria

Bio-Kult dramatically improves IBS gut symptoms and anxiety in largest-ever trial.

A randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial of a multi-strain probiotic formulation (Bio-Kult®) 

Breakthrough Study Reveals the Benefits of Probiotics in Treating and Management of Infantile Colic

Bio-Kult Infantis in the management of infantile colic: A randomised controlled trial

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