More than 2000 years ago Greek philosopher Hippocrates said that “all disease begins in the gut”.  And this is this is still relevant today with the belief that optimal health throughout the whole body must also begin in the gut.  

A number of factors ever increasing in our modern world can compromise an optimal balance of beneficial bacteria throughout the body, including antibiotic therapy, infection, medications, stress, travel, the food and drink we consume and certain chemicals we come across every day.  An effective solution is to supplement the microflora with live bacteria to help restore the balance. But how does that work with all the various issues that the body can face.

Click on each of the individual factsheets below to see how probiotics could help with various conditions.

The reasoning behind
the Bio-Kult dosage

The Role of Probiotics in Allergic Diseases

The use of Probiotics
in Athletes

Probiotics alongside Antibiotics

Evidence for Probiotics
in Autism

Auto Immunity and the
Gut Connection

Probiotics alongside
Cancer Treatment

Fermented Foods

Influence of the
Gut Flora in IBS

Probiotics in Pregnancy

Probiotic Use in Infants

The Evidence Series

Probiotics and Antibiotics, Fighting AAD

Treatment of AIG
in children

Eradication of H.Pylori
in Children

Prevention of AAD & C.Diff in adults and children

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