Niki's Valentine's Dinner


As we get ready to spend Valentine's Day, we believe it's important to celebrate love whether that be romantically, a love for family members or a love between friends! So once again we've teamed up with our dear friend, Nikibakes, to bring you a 3 course dinner and mocktail that you can prepare together with a loved one in your social bubble this Valentine's!

Starting with a creamy, luscious Sautéed Butter Mushroom Bruschetta, followed by a hearty, classic, Turkish dish - imam bayildi and finished off with dreamy Almond Butter & Caramel Dark Chocolate Cups, accompanied by a refreshing Blackberry Lime Fizzer... Dining in is the new dining out!

Preparing and cooking is a great activity to do together especially if you're bored of a night in with Netflix. Niki recommends allowing the chocolate cups to set overnight for best results. So why not have fun in the kitchen the day before the big V’ day too!


Starter: Sautéed Butter Mushroom Bruschetta

A super easy, yet mouth-watering starter. This recipe takes just under 20 minutes to prepare. 

Click here to view the recipe.

Main: imam bayaldi

The main course will take the longest to prepare, but don't be put off by the cooking time, as this allows you to take some time to get ready for your Valentine's dinner and prepare your starter. We'd suggest once you're at step 4 and have turned your heat down to low you can use those 45 minutes to get yourself ready (if you fancy getting dressed up for the occasion), laying the table and perhaps finding some music you'd like to listen to while you eat. Then once you've completed step 5 and have popped the dish in the oven to bake for 35 minutes you are ready to prepare your starter. 

Niki's Top Tip: This dish is veggie but if you'd like to add meat simply top with minced lamb or beef.

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Dessert: Almond Butter & Caramel Dark Chocolate Cups

To finish off this impressive Valentine's dinner are Niki's 'make ahead' heavenly chocolate treats. 

Niki's Suggestions: Try swapping the chocolate for melted carob and if you're not a fan of almond butter try peanut butter, cashew butter, or pistachio butter... any nut butter that takes your fancy!

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Mocktail: Blackberry Lime Fizzer

Refreshing, slightly sweet, slightly tangy, this is sure to tickle your tastebuds!

Niki's Top Tip: For an alcoholic version just add a shot of white rum to each glass.

Click here to view the recipe.

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